3d Printing @ M|I|C/A



Please check in with a tech prior to using our machines and when removing your print.

Video tutorials are located on the server at

\\picasso.mica.edu\Courses\_Student Resources\dFab\Resources\VideoTutorials


You should stay and watch at least the first 7-10 layers of print (until you start printing infill). If the print doesn’t stick to the bed during these first few layers, the first thing you should do is determine if the problem lies with your gcode, or with the machine.

The fastest and easiest way of doing this is to run a known good print and see if that sticks to the bed. It wouldn’t hurt to clean the bed before doing this. If the known good print, a print that worked previously on that machine works, then you know the issue is with your file. If it doesn’t print and the systems are the same, than something is wrong with the printer. Please discuss this with the student techs who will be able to communicate that issue with McKibbin.

The bottom of your model should make good contact with the bed. If you are printing something with only tangential contact with the plane of the bed (like a piped curve), it is advisable to flatten the bottom of your print just a little in order to get good contact (if that works with your design). Use a _ClippingPlane in the front or right view, then use _BooleanSplit to cut off just the bottom smidgen (0.010” to 0.050”), enough that you have better contact between your sphere or pipe. If you were working with a sphere, you may want to just split the thing in half using the same commands.

The bottom plane of your print and the XY construction plane must be coplanar before exporting the file as an STL. This means that the bottom flat surface of your object has a Z value of 0.000 and that it is rotated to be in alignment with the Y axis and the X axis.

Prusa i3 MK2

Students should watch the tutorial "3d printing with Prusa" prior to sending a print. You should also provide your own 1.75mm PLA filament for use with these printers which can be had localy at MicroCenter. We are not experimenting with other materials on these machines a this time.

The heated bed is FRAGILE please be very careful not to scratch the thin membrane when removing prints!


Jimmi Beta

Designed and built by recent MICA graduates (2014), our Jimmi Printers have a 200mm x 200mm x 200mm build envelope and are always set up for 1.75 mm PLA which is provided by the shop.

More information about jimmi printers and the buildclass project can be found at buildclass.org

The previous iteration of our current jimmi printers is also available for use in dFab. This machine lends itself to syringe printing and larger format prints which do not require a heated bed, such as PLA. Courses which are hosted by dFab may configure this machine for their specific use. Build envelope is roughly 240mm x 240mm x 130

Prusa i2

We also have 4 RepRap Prusa i2 machines. These machines are available to be checked out to intrepid students who want to independently work on modifications, use other materials, or print with 3mm plastic. Be aware that this can be a complicated and time consuming endeavor. Contact Ryan McKibbin if you would like to check one out.