Digital Fabrication Studios @ M|I|C/A

Computer Lab (S121) Hours:

Mt. Royal Station building Hours are located here. The computer lab follows regular building hours, and is accessble at times when the shop is closed.

Shop Hours:

Previous dFab coursework is required to for physical access to homework hours. Service shop (aka. Remote Production System) is available to students with appropriate experience. All equipment is taught through coursework.

We are temporarily very short staffed and are working to prioritize access for students enrolled in dFab Coursework. If you have dFab experience and need access, please reach out to directly.

Green -- Homework Hours ======= Students who have taken or are enrolled in dFab coursework
Blue --- Scheduled Class = Students in class have priority
Red ---- Shop Closed ===== Part of dFab is closed for maintenance or repairs
Purple - Workshops ======= Click on the event for details, some are private

Faculty Use

Faculty are encouraged to use dFab. Faculty working in the shop builds on the student experience, Faculty or staff use must not impede on student work. Faculty must demonstrate knowledge with equipment and processes prior to proposing coursework that users this equipment.

Server Access

Tons of great information is available on our server. This can be accessed on any computer that is connected to our network, both Mac and Windows. Every class at MICA has server space allocated that only you and your class will have access to.


To access this resource Press "Windows" + R on the keyboard, then type the following address



If you are working on mac, press command K and enter the following address


dFab Shared Folder

\\Picasso\Courses\_Student Resources\dFab\Shared

In the shared folder, files can be shared with anyone on campus. Don't use this folder for sensitive documents. This folder is not backed up and may be deleted at any time without notice.

dFab Resources Folder

\\\Courses\_Student Resources\dFab\Resources\

Tons of great information related to the equipment in the shop is located in the resources folder including video tutorials.


Location - Mt. Royal Station Building, S125