Staff Web Guidelines

Domain Hosting

Technology does not support hosting personal domain names for staff web space.

Prohibited Content

Your web space is for uploading personal web content only. You are not allowed to use this space to host any of the following:

Due to security issues, Technology prohibits the use of Wordpress on MICA servers. We find that once set up, these sites often are not updated properly and become the target of malicious attacks that compromise the security of the entire server.

If Technology is informed of or finds any issues with the above, your web site may be removed without warning.

Scripted Web Sites

The staff web server supports PHP scripting for websites. This allows you to build complex websites using the PHP language, or upload pre-made content systems (like Indexhibit) as long as they're approved.


Many content management systems (CMS) require the use of a dedicated MySQL database to function.

Databases are not created automatically and must be requested. You can request this at the time of your web space creation by contacting the Help Desk directly either online, by email, or by phone. If you already have web space, and need the database created, you will need to contact the Help Desk online, by email, or by Phone 410-225-2201.