Staff Web Space

Obtaining Space

Web space on this server is granted by request only. Please review the guidelines prior to making your request.

Requests can be made online by completing the request form, or by contacting the Help Desk either online or by email.


Using any FTP client, log on with the following settings:

user id: Your MICA Portal Login
password: Your MICA account password
path: /Staff/yourusername

If you do not specify the path when connecting to the server, you will have to navigate manually to your folder.

If you are attempting to connect from ouside the main campus network (in the dorms, at home, etc) you may need to disable Passive (PASV) mode for your connection if you experience connection issues.

Sample Folder Layout

This is a sample of what a typical website folder should look like.


The important thing to note here is that the index.html file is located inside the user's folder. Placing the file in another folder, or naming it something other then one of the valid default file names will result in your website not loading properly.

Valid Default Files

The server has been configured to accept the following files as a default HTML file to load: