CNC Machining @ M|I|C/A



Our CNC machines are used with Rhino and RhinoCAM or are coded through MDI.
The same person who helps you program your file must help you run the file.

If you are learning through coursework:

The machining practices used will be approved by your faculty with Ryan McKibbin prior to the assignment, you will use the strategies outlined in class and your faculty will double check your file.

If you have taken a course and want to use a CNC:

After preparing your file in Rhino and creating tool-paths in RhinoCAM, set up a meeting with Ryan McKibbin to review the operations, tooling and machining practices used. Do not bring material to dFab prior to reviewing the file with McKibbin.

Once we have agreed on a finalized file and have a good idea of how long this will take, we will add you to the calendar. You must stay and watch over your file as it cuts, verifying that the machine is doing exactly what is expected.

But I don't want to take a class to learn this machine!

If you have not taken a class which covers CNC machining as part of the curriculum and wish to use a CNC machine, you should first watch the video

\\\Courses\_Student Resources\
dFab\Resources\VideoTutorials\5_RhinoCAM-Start Here

Understand that this material typically takes a full semester to learn. Start out early in the semester (you are being obnoxious if you are a first timer in the last 6 weeks of the semester). Cut a circle out of scrap for your first experience, and show up to your meeting prepared.


The links below contain specific information for our CNC machines as well as calendars for scheduling and some links to tutorials and example files.

Laguna Smart Shop III

XYZ dimensions: 49”x97”x12”
Spindle: 12hp|6000rpm-24000rpm (but it wants 10k-20k)
Feed Rates: 600ipm Cutting |1000ipm Rapid
Vacuum Table: 6 zones 10hp, Pod Ready
Tool Changer: 8 tools
File Name: Onnnn or 5 character limit on *.nc

Haas VF-1

XYZ dimensions: 20”x16”x20”
Spindle: 30hp|50rpm-8100rpm
Feed Rates: 650ipm Cutting|1000ipm Rapid
Table: (3) 1/2-13 T-Slots|3000lb weight limit
Tool Changer: 20 tools Max weight 12lb
File Name: Onnnnn (first comment is user readable filename)

MultiCam Classic Now Located In Dolphin

XYZ dimensions: 49”x97”x3”
Spindle: 3hp|6,000rpm-24,000rpm
Feed Rates: 300ipm Cutting|850ipm Rapid
Vacuum table: 4 zones|7.5hp
Gcode Notes: X is long axis, Z is inverted, Feed is IPS
File Name Length: 19 character maximum