CNC Machining @ M|I|C/A



The links below contain specific information for our CNC machines as well as calendars for scheduling and some links to tutorials and example files.

MultiCam Classic

XYZ dimensions: 49”x97”x3”
Spindle: 3hp|6,000rpm-18,000rpm
Feed Rates: 600ipm Cutting|850ipm Rapid
Vacuum table: 4 zones|7.5hp
Gcode Notes: X is long axis, Z is inverted, Feed is IPS
File Name Length: 19 character maximum

Haas VF-1

XYZ dimensions: 20”x16”x20”
Spindle: 30hp|50rpm-8100rpm
Feed Rates: 650ipm Cutting|1000ipm Rapid
Table: (3) 1/2-13 T-Slots|3000lb weight limit
Tool Changer: 20 tools Max weight 12lb
File Name: Onnnnn (first comment is user readable filename)


You must prepare your file in Rhino and create toolpaths in RhinoCAM. Once you think your file is ready to go,  contact the Digital Fabrication Studio Manager, Ryan McKibbin to review the operations, tooling and machining practices you have used. Once we have agreed on a finalized file and have a good idea of how long this will take, we will add you to the calendar. You must stay and watch over your file as it cuts, verifying that the machine is doing exactly what is expected.

We use Rhino extensively in dFab. The CNC machines are no exception, you must know how to draw and work in Rhino. Students wishing to use the CNC routers should take a class in dFab that covers the use of this equipment.

If you have not taken a class which covers CNC machining as part of the curriculum and wish to use a CNC machine, hang around the lab and get down with the funky sweet culture. Ask to assist others who are already using this equipment and ask questions. Officially we do not train students on this equipment outside of coursework.

Tool Libraries and Post Processors should load automatically... if not they are located here:

\\\Courses\_Student Resources\dFab\Resources\Rhino\RhinoCAM