dFab Resources


Spring 2017 dFab Workshops

Grateful Dead Fridays

Grateful Dead Fridays fall on Tuesdays this spring, GDFs are for experienced dFab users. The environment is relaxed, we explore higher level questions and processes. New users should hang out but understand that more complex issues take priority.

Tuesday Workshops w/ Uncle Kevin

Come join Kevin on Tuesdays at 10 AM and he will assist in developing a strong foundation in 3D modeling in Rhino. The workshops will be organic in nature changing from week to week based on attendance. Possible topics include introductory crash courses, exercises designed to improve our understanding of specific Rhino commands, use of tools available in our shop, and problems specific to your projects/workflow. Be on time.

Friday Workshops w/ Paul Mirel

Paul is a spacecraft systems engineer and teacher. He designs and build instruments at NASA to measure the light leftover from the Big Bang, and teaches engineering skills to art students. This spring Paul is crafting a workshop series on engineering for art students. His workshops are held in Mt. Royal Station, Room 121 Fridays from 4pm to 6pm. Be on time.

Student Lead Workshop Series

Do you have an idea you would like to share as a workshop this spring? Maybe you just learned a skill that you which your peers would find interesting or useful? Maybe you just wonder what it's like to teach a class? Any students are welcome to propose a workshop, just make up a lesson plan and set up a meeting with Ryan McKibbin.