Digital Fabrication Studios @ M|I|C/A


You must be wearing Shop Attire
when on the first floor of Station

Walk past the guards desk, to the end
of the hallway then through the metal shop

Prior to coming to dFab, please read the dFab Manual

The first step to sustainability is organization. Please conserve material whenever possible, and put waste in the correct container.

dFab Hours

McKibbin has office hours on Tuesdays. Got a ? drop by then! Email is a last resort
Computer Lab + Classroom Hours: M-F 7am and 2am, Sa-Su 8am to 2am.
All dFab machinery is unavailable when the shop is closed.

Blue: Scheduled Class = Students enrolled in the current class have priority
Green: Open Shop = Competent user with specific questions
Orange: Laser Hours = New user who has reviewed the training videos
Purple: Workshops = Click on the event for details, some are private
Red: Shop Closed = Part of dFab is closed or scheduled out, click on the event for details